Friday, November 27, 2009

Neat Pics of Garden Bugs

We've been busy lately, so haven't found time to post. Here are some pics around the garden I took a few weeks ago. The garden has thrived in steaming (literally we planted in steaming horse manure!) dirt, llama manure and whatever we could find to plant in. The tomatoes are still producing (yes, this late in November!). The radishes and turnips are doing well, and the turnips have ladybugs all over them! Sooo, here are some pics around the garden and clear, close-up pics of the ladybugs.

Also, for more pics and information from around the ranch, visit Mom's blog here.

Alright here they are:
Turnip forest

Sad tomato plants, but still producing!


Evergrowing Jalapenos

Beets. . .

And the Turnip Forest (because we planted too many, oops!)

The harvest. . .

And finally the pickled turnips!

Also, we planted some garlic

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to show you the ladybug pics. Here you go, I picked some of my favorite and cropped them:

I think this is my favorite out of all

unique pattern

This would be really good if it was a little more clear, but you can still somewhat see it's face

Some kind of beetle