Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing Pups

These are pictures of Molly (English Shepherd) and the big puppy Canuck (Bullmastiff).

Bugs, They're Comin' Back

I had the big lens on, so I could get close-ups of these flies, and ladybug. Of course, these are cropped. There are abviously two kinds of flies here. The first ones are bigger. I'm thinking the 2nd ones are just house flies.


The Flowers of Spring

Here are some pictures of the flowers.

Pine Trees . . . . How it Starts

Giant pine trees start from something small. These were all taken probably within about 50 feet.  Here are the pics in order.

Seeds are in the pine cone (unless the birds get them!)

just a few inches tall

maybe a foot

growing bigger

several feet


very big

Nice, (Yes SUNNY), Days! :-) . . .

Thursday (18th), it was sunny (about 70 degrees). It was nice to see the sun, I was running around with my shorts on, and I hear that it's suppose to SNOW tomorrow night? Well, Oklahoma sure does make crazy weather changes, And sure enough, it sleeted all night Friday, and started SNOWING at about 10:00 Saturday morning, and all day (basically) Saturday. In weather like this animals can come down with pnuemonia. Now, the snow is pretty much melted.

Our neighbor's ram