Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Update + Pictures - The New (and the old)

Sunday was the local soccer league finals, and our team, Revolution, won - but sorry, no pictures yet because I don't have them imported yet ;).

2 new male llamas - from registered stock.

Another new animal we bought as an alpaca, but we think it's a llama/alpaca cross (I'm not joking). He is friendly.

And here he is again with his friend, an alpaca.

More new animals . . . we got over a dozen shetland sheep.

An old little mule and a mini (just bigger than the goats!) donkey.

Painted desert horned rams.

And lastly, something that's not new - one of our old, thin mini nubian does. In this picture - we let her hang out in the front yard and she went under the truck that's being worked on for shade :).

~ Hanunyah

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Checking In - We made it to the Finals!

Checking in . . .

- 3 new lambs.

- My oldest brother turned 20 a few days ago.

- We made it to the finals in the local soccer league. The game is this weekend. My dad, brothers and nephews play on the team, and my sister is the assistant coach.

- Our small garden.

- Our big donkey, due later in the year.

 - Buddy, the alpaca, that we bought back.

- One of the surviving bottle calves. He is actually very energetic, just sleeping right here. 

~ Hanunyah