Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Ranch

We have a 40 acre ranch and about 40 goats, and mainly raise them for milk purposes. We also sell their kids. We also have some boer goats and some meat goat mixes.

It is kidding season this time of the year, So we just got our first kids- 2 colorful and healthy kids. Here's some pictures of them.

A buck (right) and a doe (left)

A Few More Pics

Here's just a few more pics:

I cropped this close-up of the moon

References . . .

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Snow And . . . .

Well, It's been along time since I posted last, so I'm trying to catch up.
Last Thursday evening it snowed, and in the morning there was quit a bit of snow on the ground. So, for starters here's some pictures outside and some close-ups of the snow. Taking pictures is fun with this new Nikon camera, usually I take about 100 pics at the least!

I cropped this one

Cropped this one too

Our neighbor's border collie puppy

Calevah our ranch dog. "Calevah" is Hebrew for "female dog".

This is Kitty Boy:

Well, looks like our garden isn't doing soo good.

I like shooting wildlife and I heard a bird and I knew in general where it was, but couldn't spot it. Then it came closer and I took pictures before it flew somewhere where I couldn't see it. Next, I followed it until it flew too far. All of these are cropped. This is a female Red-Bellied Wood Pecker: