Monday, August 6, 2012

Animal & Firework pictures - an update

Here is a picture update. Remember my other blog? That one is usually a bit more updated, so you may want to check it so you don't miss anything.

This dog likes fireworks . . . kinda odd. He runs around them and barks.

Remember Tic Tac? What a cutie he was! Tic Tac was re-homed just some days ago.

Berry, our Nigerian Dwarf buck.

Topaz, our F3 Mini Nubian buck.

Trauma, scratching herself. She's a sweetie :).

A Finn ewe lamb.
A bottle calf - was my big baby until we sold him a few weeks ago and replaced him with . . . 

 . . . this cutie. He is sweet, and likes to be scratched. This was when we first got him, he was pretty young. We got him "over the hump" and he's doing good now.

~ Hanunyah


  1. these are nice photos of fireworks... Love Granny


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