Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow And . . . .

Well, It's been along time since I posted last, so I'm trying to catch up.
Last Thursday evening it snowed, and in the morning there was quit a bit of snow on the ground. So, for starters here's some pictures outside and some close-ups of the snow. Taking pictures is fun with this new Nikon camera, usually I take about 100 pics at the least!

I cropped this one

Cropped this one too

Our neighbor's border collie puppy

Calevah our ranch dog. "Calevah" is Hebrew for "female dog".

This is Kitty Boy:

Well, looks like our garden isn't doing soo good.

I like shooting wildlife and I heard a bird and I knew in general where it was, but couldn't spot it. Then it came closer and I took pictures before it flew somewhere where I couldn't see it. Next, I followed it until it flew too far. All of these are cropped. This is a female Red-Bellied Wood Pecker:


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