Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Update + Pictures - The New (and the old)

Sunday was the local soccer league finals, and our team, Revolution, won - but sorry, no pictures yet because I don't have them imported yet ;).

2 new male llamas - from registered stock.

Another new animal we bought as an alpaca, but we think it's a llama/alpaca cross (I'm not joking). He is friendly.

And here he is again with his friend, an alpaca.

More new animals . . . we got over a dozen shetland sheep.

An old little mule and a mini (just bigger than the goats!) donkey.

Painted desert horned rams.

And lastly, something that's not new - one of our old, thin mini nubian does. In this picture - we let her hang out in the front yard and she went under the truck that's being worked on for shade :).

~ Hanunyah


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