Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hickory Tree Information

We've been busy around here so haven't found time to post 'til now. Here's a little thing I wrote up about hickory trees (info i found while I was researching) a year or so ago that I've modified a little bit. So here you go:

Information about the Hickory Tree:
A.The flowers (in the male) are small wind-pollinated catkins, and in the female a yellowish small flower, produced in spring. The leaves grow out of the flowers.

B.The leaves are 1-2'' long, with five (rarely three or seven) leaflets, the top three leaflets are much larger than the pair below.

C.The fruit is an edible nut, 1 to 1 ½" long with green smooshie substance when unripe, when ripened the subsance will turn into the husk, the husk then will completely harden. inside the husk, there is a hard bony shell. The husk separates along the grooves when ripe, in October. The shell is VERY hard and there very little in one nut.

D. Oak trees and hickory trees are both slow growing tree species, and therefore the wood is hard, durable and good for making things with.

E. there are several kinds of hickory:
1. Scrub Hickory - lives in Florida.
2. Water Hickory or Swamp Hickory.
3. Pignut Hickory - bitter nuts.
4. Shagbark Hickory - Shagbark Hickory trees are easily identified because of its long shaggy bark.
5. Bitternut Hickory - bitter nuts - Bitternut is the most widespread hickory.
6. Mockernut Hickory

I don't feel like posting pics right now, maybe I'll post some later.


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