Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Little Fall Note...

Hi Again!
Something I've noticed about Hickory trees is that they're one of the first ones to turn yellow then orange/brown, and they are the first one's to bloom (at least here in NE OK).

Also, at least in some kinds of hickory trees, a tree can be a male and female, so when they bloom, there is a male catkin and a female flower at the same time. There is one of these not far away from where we live, so I can keep a close eye on it.

I put some pics in this post then I realized you can't see them, sorry! instead here's some pics of the hickories changing color from green to yellow then orange and/or brown:
These two pics are from the same tree

These show the same tree going form green to brown

This last pic shows the coloring changing

That's all!


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