Monday, February 8, 2010

More Snow Pictures

Here's just some more pics from last time it snowed.

 frozen pond....but not solid this time

I thought this was cool, a stick encased in ice

these holes are probably from a woodpecker or something like it

here is an up-close of one of the holes

another picture of Canuck, our bullmastiff puppy

this was neat, a weed decorated with ice

in this pic, you can have an idea of how much it snowed.....

and in this one, how much ice (those icicles were pretty small)

here are some pics of Bear

a footstep in the snow (I had to darken this one in iPhoto)

this is the ice on the pond

another weed with ice

small, chopped tree trunks with snow on them like a cone

"glass leaves"

poky "ice spikes"


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