Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Goat Birth

I happened to have our camera in hand when this goat ("Buttermilk") started pushing.

after my sister (Suriyah) popped the bubble, 
look at the newspaper under the goat (titled "Bubble-buster")!

Mom pulling the kid out


a little boy! (oh wait, he's not soo little!)

and soon after, another bubble.......

an all white girl (doe)

Praise the Lord, the placenta

Reata (Buttermilk's sister) wants to help too!
(Reata is the one with the collar)

A buck and a doe (the buck - with brown, the doe - the white one)

Reata, licking the kids again

Reata (she didn't even have the kids!) ending a "birth yawn"

These are recent pictures of them:
the buck

the doe


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