Thursday, June 2, 2011


These snakes pictured aren't poisonous, but we should always be cautious about snakes.

We took this snake a couple miles away, because . . . see next pic

It was eating our eggs!

We saw this one the other morning, hiding very well in a pile of sticks.

My brother saw him in this pile, and then we were looking for a couple minutes.

There he is!

Bye, Bye snake!

We think this sheep was bitten by a snake (abviously a poisonous one).

We treated her with charcoal, and this is how she looks now - her bottom lip and nose are messed up, and her bottom lip is paralized. Thankfully, we didn't loose her, because she gave us a really pretty eweling (as you can see behind her in this picture).

~ Hanunyah


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