Sunday, January 29, 2012

{3rd kidding} Interesting Birth

The third kidding of the year was a big, black meat cross doe. We were watching her go into labor, and all appeared fine at first. My sister wrote up a hole long deal about the wild birth, which you can see here.

The doe ended up having 3 live kids (1 doe, 2 bucklings) and a dead, undeveloped kid a day later.



She needs help . . . 

Yikes! can we get it?

YES! YES, YES!?!?!

My sister's reaction: I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S OUT ALIVE! It's a girl.

And what is behind that placenta?

The doe: I WANT TO KILL YOU! She was not nice to us . . . 


"Who are you?"

"My new play-mate?"

Gotta catch you again, mama.

And it is another kid . . . 

It's a boy, and he's been wrapped around in the placenta ever since his sister was born several minutes ago. He was dazed.

A nice little family . . . until we discovered the fourth one . . . 

which was dead,

a ugly mess of a undeveloped kid.

~ Hanunyah


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