Monday, February 20, 2012

Lambs! Lambs!

Sorry it's been slow here on the blog - lambing/kidding season is here. Bunches of cuties! We have had a wild start to the lambing season - read below. 

Painted Desert eweling.

Painted Desert ramlings.

Bottle baby dorper/katadin eweling. See below why she's a bottle baby.

The mom to the two ewelings above - we found  her laying out in the stall with two lamb heads out her back end. Yikes! Well, we were able to get her triplets out - one ramling which was dead, and two ewelings. The mom had some kind of nerve damage from the birth, so her back legs are all tweaked out - and was unable to walk. Mom taught the white eweling to nurse on her mom while she was laying down, and we pulled the black one as a bottle baby. The mom is now getting better, and is walking some.

Katatdin eweling. Her mom had a milk problem in one side of her udder, so we have/are supplementing her and her sister some. The picture below is the same eweling, a week or so later.

This one is twin sister to the one above. She the same lamb in the picture below - her ears corrected ;).

Wednesday night a dorper ewe of ours lambed to twins (a ramling and a eweling). We do not know who the dad is, but they sure are cute! Not really what we were expecting out of a dorper-looking ewe :). Anyway, she had them with no problems. A couple days later the ramling (above) was not acting normal. We brought him in and warmed him up, and put him back with his mom. Later that night, my sister found him laying on the ground in the stall - limp. We tried to warm him up, tubed him, and as a last-ditch effort we did some mouth-to-mouth. Sadly, we lost the battle. We still have his twin sister, who we are watching closely (below).

This ramling was born a couple days ago. His mother didn't take him, so he became yet another bottle baby. We are selling him (just leave a comment to let me know if you're interested).

~ Hanunyah


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