Saturday, February 11, 2012

The New Little Rescue Dog . . .

This poor little skinny dog showed up at our place on the 27th of last month. He's a sweet little dog, and he looks like a toy or mini australian shepherd. There are quite a few stray dogs around up by our place, it's pretty sad. Buddy (as we call him now) was very skinny, so we are feeding him a little bit every few hours - he's doing good so far!

Update: A few days after he showed up, his breeder contacted us. She has goats, so she was looking at my sister's blog when she saw the pictures of him. She said he was born in April of last year, he'd been gone from their place for about a month - And he sure traveled a whole lot!

Cute little dog!

Big pretty blue eyes.

About the same size as that little kid!

~ Hanunyah


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