Monday, May 3, 2010

Gummy "Bears"

I found this simple gummy candy recipe. The second time I made it the only thing I changed was I added a tad more water, because someone said they were a little too chewy. If you don't have candy molds, you can have fun pouring it into any kind of container you have, then cutting them when dry. You can also make them any flavor of jell-o the store sells. This recipe does not make a lot. It only filled the heart molds about halfway, then a thin layer in a small container. You could also double, triple etc. the recipe if you use the same flavor (unless you want to mess around with making mixed flavors!). You could also layer different flavors (as I did). Just pour the first flavor in, then when you're done with the next flavor, pour it on top. Make sure the first layer is a bit firm (it can be sticky) before you pour on the next.

The only molds I had were these heart molds, 
the rest I put in containers and cut with a knife.
But, molds make it MUCH easier, just loosen a little with a knife.



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