Thursday, May 13, 2010

In The Kitchen 2

Hard Peppermint candy:
Instead of puting a cookie cutter in the candy, I just cut it with a knife. I think molds would be easier. Beware that it hardens FAST if you're going to put it into pans, and cut with a knife. Click here for the recipe.

Hard Ginger Candy:
I put them in muffin pans, but I didn't work fast enough, it foamed up and hardened before I got all of it in the pans. I made it again, and didn't rub it against the side of the pan (as the recipe says), I just put it in the pans right away. This recipe made about 24 mediem muffin pan size candies. Click here for the recipe (it's the first recipe listed on this page).

Soft Peppermint Creme Wafers:
When the recipe says to cook it to the soft ball stage, the tempature should be 234, not 334. Don't drop it on the wax paper unless you have stirred it until creamy, otherwise it will be hard to get off the wax paper. But if it is hard to get off, put it in the freezer and forget about it for a few days (overnight would probably work). The dark ones are chocolate peppermint. To make the chocolate peppermint, I just added cocoa pwd. to the scraps, and melted a little on low on the stove.  Click here for the recipe.


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