Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom's Experiment

Mom says, "this is an experiment", "this is an experiment too, I'm going to see how this grows compared to this", "this is kind of an experiment", "I'm going to use this and compare it to that", I said "Mom, what's not an experiment?!"
      We also almost have a whole house too!! A bathtub, couple sinks, toilet, about a dozen freezers (probably some refrigerators too), microwave, a couple bed frames and a vanity type thing for cucumbers! The freezers are actually a good idea for carrots etc., things that need depth in the ground.

We put rocks in them for drainage

The broccoli & cabbage are doing good, 
we've got broccoli, but not cabbage yet

Flowered comfrey

Marigolds and other started plants


A marigold blurred through garlic

Tomatoes waiting to be planted

Used wood shavings work good for mulch, keeping weeds down 
(we used some grass clippings, with no seeds too)

We planted marigolds in these pots, these look like marigolds, 
But I heard there is a weed that looks like the marigolds



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